Whitepapers By Tags :Data Exfiltration

From Endpoint to Network Cloud

This paper reviews five use cases, ranging from accidental policy violations by an insider to malicious thefts by unknown applications or stolen credentials, and presents the measurable benefits of an…

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Data Exfiltration and DNS

This white paper explains how DNS can be used as a transport protocol for infiltration of rogue software and exfiltration of data. It also explains how Infoblox DNS Threat Analytics detects and automatically…

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The New Standard in DNS Security

Domain Name System DNS is mission critical infrastructure that all organizations use and cannot function without. Yet DNS remains a vulnerable component in the network that is frequently used as an attack…

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Fighting Insider Threat With Endpoint Visibility

Insider threats come in all shapes and sizes including individuals who are conned, phished or tricked, folks who violate policies with noble intentions and the wide range of people who lack digital savvy.…

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The 5 Blind Spots Of Data Security

A conventional data security strategy that focuses on a server-centric, inside-out approach leaves organizations with serious blind spots. Corporate IP, which accounts for up to 80 percent of a companys…

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